CPS®ONLINE - Transparency in Kanban processes

Always having nuts, screws and washers available at the right time is something that happens automatically for our customers.

For over 10 years the CPS®ONLINE platform has provided them with a central online control point within the C-Parts management system where bin movements are analysed and documented in real time without decision-makers, buyers or fitters ever having to intervene. Customers can query the status of their own system at any time and wherever they are, either via PC or on their mobile device (tablet or smartphone), creating maximum transparency for processes between customers and suppliers.


CPS®ONLINE - Information platform

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Transparent information system on all Kanban bin movements
  • Track and trace function provides information on filling events and items
  • Comprehensive analysis functions (consumption rate, inventory turnover for certain items)
  • Direct ordering possible at exceptional times of peak demand
  • Multi-level authorisation concept for your employees
  • Six language versions available for international production sites
  • Availability of material and test certificates
  • Electronic download function for invoices, delivery notes, order notifications and item data lists in all standard file formats